Za Za's Peri Peri Chicken


 Za Za Bazaar roll out will create 1000

Stuck for cooking ideas at home that the whole family will love? Fancy #discovering how to make our Peri-Peri Chicken dish? Here's the recipe! more...

Bringing the world's cuisine to Newcastle


Bringing the world

A remarkable new banquet restaurant is set to open at the The Gate, Newcastle next month. Za Za Bazaar, which will create local jobs, is the second in a groundbreaking national brand, offering diners a rich variety of global cuisine at a fixed price. more...

Restaurant review: Za Za Bazaar, Bristol


 Restaurant review: Za Za Bazaar, Bristol

Some claims aren't easy to fact-check, so I can't be entirely sure that Za Za Bazaar, which opened in Bristol just before Christmas, is the largest restaurant in the UK. I think the boast, or admission, just about stands up: the main restaurant has a stonking 700 covers, and the bar downstairs, where you can get the same food, does another 300. more...

60,000 diners visit Za Za Bazaar in December


 60,000 diners visit Za Za Bazaar in December

Za Za Bazaar is celebrating a remarkable launch in Bristol with a remarkable 60,000 visiting the Harbourside restaurant during December (equivalent to the entire population of a city the size of Torquay, the native population of Venice – or one in ten people living in Bristol). more...

ZaZa Bazaar Bristol


 ZaZa Bazaar Bristol

ZaZa Bazaar is big. Biggest Buffet I’ve been to. As we creep out of a recession (possibly into another one?) it is like an extravagant ocean liner offering global wares from its secure mooring at Bristol city’s harbourside, well kinda. more...