Bringing the world's cuisine to Norwich


Here at Za Za Bazaar we like to make life easy and pride ourselves on the exciting range of global cuisine on offer, all cooked fresh to order.

As a family restaurant however we know that getting young children to try new things can be difficult, so here are our top tips for helping them to discover new tastes and menus.

- Firstly relax! Fussiness with food in children is both well known and particularly normal up to the age of six so don’t panic if every day is different and even tried and tested recipes fall out of favour.
- Make eating fun. There is nothing like creating patterns with food to catch their attention and distract from what they are putting in their mouths. A clever tactic used the world over. 
- Don’t worry about the mess. Kids often like to explore their food so if they pick up something new and squish it around a bit, that’s not a bad thing. After all, tables, chairs, clothes and toddlers all clean up!
- Make it look familiar. If you can make the new thing on the menu look like something the kids already eat, do it. They’ll likely eat half of it before realising it’s not what they thought it was. 
- Play it smart. Introduce new flavours when your children are hungry and not over-tired. Definitely don’t try it when they’ve been snacking or when they are grumpy or ill; you’re almost guaranteed to fail.
- Don’t make the new food too spicy. When little ones are used to bland food, even the slightest change in flavour is very noticeable. Gradually increase the amount of herbs and spices and remember children generally tolerate something slightly milder than you would enjoy yourself.
- Lead by example. Show some enthusiasm and tuck in yourself – little ones may need to be convinced you’re really enjoying the food to follow suit. If the grown ups in your house eat separately, why not let your children see what you’re having and try their first mouthfuls that way.
- Don’t give up. There are many tastes and textures it’s taken us all years to grow into and it’s the same with little ones. You may have been there with the transition from baby milk to cow’s milk - if that rings a bell, you’ll know that persistence usually pays off. 

Hope these tips help - let us know how you get on! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and we'll add the best ones to the list. And don’t forget to let us know which of Za Za Bazaar’s recipes everyone liked best when you come and visit the restaurant!